WWF - партнер проекта

WWF - партнер проекта

WWF - партнер проекта

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If I place a globe for you all to look at, then I show you the only place in the whole world with typha flooded landscape with adjoining deserts of Kashka-Kum and Kara-Dum in 53 thousand hectares – it is a the Tiger Wildlife Sanctuary. After the breakup of the USSR the provision of systems of energy resources to all regions of Tajikistan adjusted and developed very slowly. In the south the the Tigrovaja Balka, a unique national park became a source of wood. Unique tree species, such as Turanga (Populus pruinosa) and other wood-bush species were destroyed. There was a stark choice for life and survival- either the families will starve as there is nothing for heating, i.e. no coal, not enough other fossil fuel energy, expensive solar batteries and expensive other alternative sources of energy. Or people will poach, cut the field and remove what wood fuel they could find. The Government needed to make hard and wise decisions on how to regulate this difficult dilemma.

Besides the community has opportunity with own calls, wishes, request, to Government to help in the preservation not only of the Tigrovaja Balka, but also other unique small corners of the Republic, and their associated rare and disappearing animal and plant species. Particularly in springtime people can help by not buying tulips (Tulipa), holmons (Petilium Eduardii), as many of them are recorded not only in the Red book of the Republic, but in the International Red Data Book. This will already be your first contribution to the preservation of our nature, and there many other steps like that.

If you become a patriot of your nature, then you will be successful. Nature will thank you. Like other people of the world, who could organize unique national parks, where millions of tourists come, bringing great income to the country. In the 1950s and 1960s, America was ecologically uneducated generation and for 20-30 years there are caused the scolded changes in consciousness of the people and in each state of America there tidiness and order in the nature. After each trip I take to the USA I am always asking the same question - are we really worse than them?
I am waiting for your offers, ideas and thoughts. I hope that I am not alone in my love of nature and there will be plenty of likeminded persons.

With respect to all lovers of nature,
Svetlana Tihonovna Blagoveschenskaya.


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