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Turan Tiger
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In the past the Turan Tiger was found only in a small part of South-western of Tajikistan. In the 1930s the area of the tiger distribution occupied the lower flow of Pyanj, Vakhsh and probably Kafirnihon rivers. It was distributed along the valley of Pyandzh district to Chubek, in the lower parts in Kyzylsu, Yasysu and sometimes on lower flow of Pyanj. In Vakhsh it was found down to the lower parts of the river flow. The tiger was not in Gissar valley for a long time. The last specimen being killed by chance in Rohat MTS district in 1938. In the 1950s the sightings was greatly reduced. The last footprints and the dead body of the last fallen predator were seen in the summer of 1954 in the Tigrovaja Balka (Tiger Wildlife Sanctuary).


The Turan Tiger population in the lower flow of the river Vakhsh numbered between 15 to 20 individuals at the beginning the 1930s. At the end of the 1940s the number of tiger in typha of Taijikistan dropped to 10 to 15 individuals. In 1948 in the survey of 100 km in the typhas of the right and the left coast of Vakhsh river only three traces of tigers of different sizes were registered. In Kyzylsu district of typha there lived no more than 3 tigers. In some years they noticed increasing of tigers in typhas on the right shores of Pyandzh river, where they concentrated at the end of a fire in the left shores of typha. As a result of these sightings, in 1950 the local hunters hunted 4 tigers for 3 to 4 months.


The flood lands of typhas are not subjected to the influence of anthropogenic factors. However, from the 1940s intensive assimilation of typhas in the South-Western part of Tajikistan lead to a strong reduction of Buchara`s Deer (Royal Deer), wild boar and antelope, – the main prey of the tiger.

Tiger Biology.

Tigers become sexually mature at about three years old. In a female, caught on the 30th of March in 1950, the womb was a greatly enlarged, and she was on heat. The female, caught in June 26, 1950, was lactating; the weight of the mammary gland reached 350 gm .The term of the pregnancy is 105 to 112 days. There are 2 to 4 tiger cubs in each litter. The periodicity of the procreation is for 2 to 3 years. The female Tiger may have 30 tiger cubs in her lifetime, but half of them will perish.

The reasons for the reduction in population and range of tiger.

Intensive assimilation of typical places of dwelling, reduction of the number of wild ungulate, direct persecution, hunting.


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