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You live forever, Forest ...
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"Live forever, the national park,
in yours primordial beauty,
to live for the people, whom you
never stopped to be needed"

"Many people will probably be surprised, hearing that there is a jungle in Tajikistan. The word "jungle" comes from Indian word "jangal". So called in India the thick non climbable bamboo and other wooden-bushes thicket with gigantic grass and lianas on the coast and the delta of the rivers. They very much look like the jungle thickets in the flood lands of the rivers of the Central Asia the "tugay".

Indeed, when you get through the thicket of the tugay or tugai (typha), through the standing wall of reeds, the chaotic trees weaving, bushes, liana and grass, you can’t help remembering the bright descriptions of the unreachable thickets of the Indian or Amazon tropical fields.
Back in history, the typha were broadly wide-spread in the flood lands of the Kafirnigan, Vakhsh, Kyzylsu, Pyandzh rivers in the South-Western part of Tajikistan. At the present most of the territory, occupied by typha vegetation in the past is assimilated under cotton plantations. The typha are kept only in lower parts of the Vakhsh river in the natural boundary of the Tigrovaja Balka and along narrow strips on the Amu-Darya, along the Tajik-Afghan border.

The national reserve is located at the estuary of the Vakhsh river, occupying an area of more than 50 thousand hectares. The northern border of the reserve neighbours (earlier with the collective farm lands) the lands of private houses. In the south, the reserve reaches its natural border on the Pyanj river. In the west, it is part of the land of Shaartuz district and in the east part of the land of Kumsangir district and State owned land.


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