WWF - партнер проекта

WWF - партнер проекта

WWF - партнер проекта

About the project
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Welcome to the official site of the national reserve of the Tigrovaja Balka.

Here you will find information on the national reserve, photographs, articles and reports about the completed works on the restoration of the national reserve. Technical assistance was offered within the framework of the project on the preservation of Buchar`s Deer of the national park of the Tiger Wildlife Sanctuary. Public information and awareness campaigns were developed and conducted, including children’s ecological camps, living in the neighborhoods of the national reserve. In 2004 steps were undertaken to try to recover the complex ecosystem of Tiger Wildlife Sanctuary - in particular, haloxylon fields were planted in surrounding main areas of typha desert - where they grew for some time, but were later destroyed by human activity.

The Partners:

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the largest public charitable conservation organizations in the world. It has been working for more than 40 years to defend nature and the whole planet. The WWF realizes over 1200 ecological projects annually, attracting attention of millions people to the problems of environment and the plight of nature and endangered species.

The Academy of the Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan - ACS.


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